Richard Haag Associates

Landscape Architects
Seattle, WA

Rich Haag, Partner-in-Charge
Dale Dennis, Project Architect

Rich Haag was a renowned Pacific Northwest landscape architect, known for projects like Gasworks Park in Seattle.  He visited us in Lisbon to study the site and local landscape plant materials and develop the conceptual site plan with us, and was responsible for the landscape design.

Weidlinger Associates

Structural Engineers
New York City, NY

Paul Weidlinger, Partner-in-Charge
Mike Alexander, Project Engineer

Paul Weidlinger was a world-famous structural engineer who had actually apprenticed as an architect with Le Corbusier.  When meeting Weidlinger for the first time, Bassetti assumed he was speaking to the perfect audience to wax poetic about his philosophy of the inherent beauty and compelling logic of always exposing a building’s structure.  At the end of the discourse, Weidlinger asked Bassetti if he wore his suspenders on the outside of his dinner jacket.

We worked with Weidlinger and Mike Alexander, with several trips back and forth to New York.  Weidlinger came to Seattle once, and told me that designing submarines was much more interesting than designing buildings.

Wood & Associates

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
Seattle, WA

Steve Wood, Partner-in-Charge, Mechanical Engineer
George Dickson, Electrical Engineer

Some of the few consultants who were not trained as architects.

William Lam Associates

Lighting Designers
Cambridge, MA

Lam Associates was a prominent international lighting design consulting firm established by William Lam, who was trained as an architect.

Bill Evans Presentations

Architectural Renderings
Seattle. WA

Bill Evans was an architect who had evolved into a related field- an artist and architectural renderer.  He did beautiful freehand sketches and drew perspectives the old-fashioned way, without computers.  He volunteered time helping us improve our drawing skills.

Local Consultants

Lisbon, Portugal

Antonio Tribolet, Structural Engineer
Jose Luis Pinto Basto, Architect

During the initial site visit we hired two local Lisbon consultants, Jose Luis Pinto Basto, an architect (arquitecto), and Antonio Tribolet, a structural engineer.  They gave us tours of Lisbon and familiarized us with local architecture, construction, and culture.  They invited us to dinner at their homes, and gave us inside information about the best restaurants, fado clubs, and architectural and historic sites throughout Portugal.  Tribolet also provided support during construction.